Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brand New Style~ Buy it NOW!!!

What is left to say? We think the message & sunglasses is already loud and clear. Dont wait, make a statement with us again!

Code : GMT-A013

Price : RM 20

Colours : White, Black & Red

Size : L

Status : Available

Code : GMT-C004

Price : RM 25

Colours : White & Black

Size : M

Status : Available

Saturday, August 2, 2008

For Your Style Only..

We really have a thing for cute cartoon figures as below.And we are pretty sure its gonna look good on you too!!

Code : GMT-A011

Price : RM 20

Colours : White, Black, Blue ,Grey & Dark Green

Size : M

Status : Grey Available Only~!!!

Our new t-shirt is especially for those who are cute,boyish and with hip-hop spirit.So dont wait,buy now!!

Code : GMT-A012

Price : RM 15

Colours : Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Red.

Size : M

Status : Orange, Blue & White-Sold Out

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Brand New Stuff! Brand New Style!

Brand New Stylish Polo Tees!

Code : GMT-C002

Size : M

Colours : Yellow, Pink & Light Blue

Price : RM38

Status: Yellow & Light Blue-Sold Out

Especially for the perfect gentlemen! Go formal or casual with this classic wear!

Code : GMT-C003

Size : M

Colours : Light Yellow

Price : RM 33

Status : Available

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Stock Alert!!

Go OLD SKOOL with us!!Style is guaranteed!!

Code : GMT-A007

Size : M

Colours : Black, White, Green and Dark Grey.

Price : RM 18

Status : Out-of-Stock!!!

You dont have to be a break dancer to put these on.Go hip-hop today!!

Code : GMT-A008

Size : M

Colours : Black, White, Green and Red.

Price : RM 18

Status : White & Red-Sold Out

If you dont like fancy,these simple and clean-cut tee's will do good for you.Make an impression without trying!!!

Code : GMT-A009

Size : M

Colours : Black, White, Red and Dark Grey.

Price : RM 18

Status : White-Sold Out

Humour yourself with the message printed on this design.A little lovey-dovey stuff wont kill you!!

Code : GMT-A010

Size : M

Colours : Black, White, Pink and Red.

Price : RM 18

Status : Pink-Sold Out


Due to popular demand,we have managed to restock GMT-A003.Now available in only red and green.Stocks are limited.Act fast!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Introducing the "First's" in Our Store!!

Young & carefree?! Choose from our two artistically-inspired designs. Look casual but feel stylish!!

Code: GMT-B002
Size : Free Size (M)
Colours : Light Pink, Blue and Grey.
Price : RM 35
Status : Available

Code : GMT-B001
Size : Free Size (M)
Colours : Pink, White, Grey and Dark Grey.
Price : RM 30

Status : Available

You have to let the inner child roam free once in a while ! Show off these cute bears now!!

Code : GMT-A004
Size : M
Colours : Yellow, Red, Dark Brown, Pale Brown and Black.
Price : RM 15

Status : Yellow & Red-Sold Out

Code : GMT-A005
Size : M
Colours : Dark Pink, Light Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow and Black.
Price : RM 15
Status : Green, Black, Light Pink & Purple-Sold Out.

Code : GMT-A003
Size : Free Size (M)
Colours : White, Black and Red.
Price : RM18

Status : OUT OF STOCK!!!

It is not that we promote vulgarity here but this design is just too eye catching to miss. So go ahead and put it on....make a statement...WE DARE YOU!!

Code : GMT-A006
Size : Free Size (M)
Colour : Black
Price : RM 18
Status : Available

Check out our "all-time favourites"-Baby Milo & Bathing Ape t-shirt.You can never go wrong with them! What are u waiting for! Grab it!!

Code : GMT-A001
Colours : Green, Purple, White, Brown and Black.
Size : Free Size (M)
Price : RM18
Status : Green & White-Sold Out

Code : GMT-A002
Colours : Purple, White, Red, Grey and Black
Size : Free size (M)
Price : Rm15
Status : Purple Available Only!!!

Longing to be unique? Opt for these v-neck tops with cool pictures printed on it to give your charisma a positive boost.

Code : GMT-C001
Colours : Dark grey, White and Dark Brown.

Size : M & L
Price : RM 25
Status : Dark Grey (L) & Dark Brown (L) Available Only!